Blue Star Fitness is my new home away from home. If you can't find me, stop in. I'm probably there! It's a clean, well-organized studio that meets my needs. you can feel a great vibe the moment you walk through the door. Ursula is an amazing trainer and coach who makes the things I hate (cardio) fun!! She's helped me reach so many personal fitness goals and there's no on I trust more. From weight loss to building strength to getting OCR ready, Ursula has helped me with it all. Blue Star Fitness, keeping me fit and fun at 51!

  • Laura

I’ve been working out most of my adult life, and with multiple trainers over the years. Ursula is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. She regularly reviews my goals, provides me with a tailor-made program, and challenges me to perform at my best. She also manages to make each session a lot of fun, too! I’d highly recommend Ursula and Blue Star Fitness to anyone who’s interested in taking their strength and conditioning to the next level. - Wes

I came upon Blue Star Fitness by chance while on a walk with a friend back in March. My friend heard a new studio was opening and so we walked down off the Rail Trail to check it out. After talking with Ursula (owner/instructor extraordinaire), I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. There are a wide variety of classes and times and I ALWAYS feel like I got an incredible workout. The classes are well thought out and Ursula keeps you motivated and in proper form. Such a great community of members there too! That was a "meant to be" walk that day for me back in March. - Carol

I’ve been working with Ursula since January of 2021 and I’ll never stop. I wish I had found her sooner. The last two years have been pretty rough and honestly I would be in a different place without her and the people I get to workout with. I highly recommend her studio and her services!